E-school Parent Information net is synonymous with easily accessible student information for parents and guardians. In a matter of clicks, parents can access information through our one-click E-school management net. E-School Parent Information net is a hybrid of two different technological approaches i.e. web-based software and database management technology  to compliment effective education system through efficient and convenient data management,

The E-school Parent information net primarily manages student record including; enrollment, certificates, attendance, and transfer of student, grades, demographic related information, physical health and information about parent’s income. It aims to involve parents in shaping their child’s future while adopting more sustainable data management practices for improved education quality.

It can be managed, used and administer by any kind of formal educational system whether it is public or private at various educational levels including; preschool, primary and secondary schools. The project; implemented by Ministry of Education, enables to simply log in a system where parents can monitor the progress of their children at school. In the past, parents were not unable to get information to the desired level due to the number of constraints involved. With E-school parent information net, on the other hand, parents can monitor their children’s performance in academics such as attendance, disciplinary, overall progress, and academic plan. It involves all key steps in the entire process starting from enrollment till the graduation of the student. It is just the system for parents who would like to stay on top of their child’s education. Center for Parenting for Education believes that the foundations to help your child are built one step at a time.

Who can make use of E-Scope School?

At the moment, e-school is designed for early education which includes all public and private primary schools, kindergartens and special education school. The inclusion of secondary education is also included in future plans.

Currently, it includes many features which include enrollment, file information, attendance tracking, and information regarding courses taught in school and progress report of a student.

Best features:

The most crucially important feature of the e-school system is that all branches and schools have complete, accurate and up to date list of their students. If there is inaccurate information in any student’s record, it would be corrected immediately. If any student’s record is misplaced to appear in another school’s student transport it would be taken down immediately.e-school-parenting-network-3

Work on error free class lists; they are bound to provide all the information correctly which is required in the systems. We are also working with the ministry to help a student take a snapshot of the system to ensure a possible measure to rectify the information. This would allow the system to operate at better capacity and present more accurate information to facilitate students and their parents.

Monitor progress report makes it mandatory to prepare reports in a week. The school is bound to manage information related to students who have any disabilities and excuse absences.